Leadership Coaching & Consulting helps individuals, teams, and organizations to grow.  We help you identify leadership gaps and create strategies to close those gaps. We help you leverage your strengths and remove your barriers.


Leadership Coaching & Consulting leads both people and organizations though change. We assess the organization at every phase of the employee life cycle to gather an understanding of the current environment and to identify opportunities for growth that will meet the organization’s objectives.

Presentation Skills

Strong presentation skills set you apart from your peers.  Master your presentation skills and become the master of your career path.

Equine Guided Coaching

Equine Guided Coaching integrates the wisdom of horses into the traditional coaching process. Horse help us gain insights much more directly and quickly than we might otherwise.

Building Stronger Organizations By Developing Leadership.

“My work with Jon has helped me to become a better executive. Jon helps me find clarity when dealing with tough situations and making big decisions that affect hundreds of people.”

Vice President

“Jon’s skills helped to build a strong leadership team, both through group executive sessions as well as individual coaching.”

Gift & Stationery Executive

“Jon is a superb organizational development consultant. He has worked with my executive team and myself to help us drive our organization to better results.”

Experienced CPG Senior Executive

Equine Guided Coaching


A horse's interaction in the herd is 100% nonverbal. Did you know that our communication is up to 93% nonverbal?


Horses and humans are herd animals, and horses interact with us as though we are members of their herd.


Horses can teach us to use our senses in the same way they do in many ways - communication, leadership, being in tune with our selves and our environment.

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